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Your guide to towel customisation

  • Q: How much can I customise a towel

    We can do everything from simply adding your logo, to providing you with a full colour branded design, including photo realistic detail.

  • Q: Is every towel ok to customise?

    Yes, however it is important to understand that some forms of customisation work better with certain towels.

  • Q: Will customising affect a towel’s performance?

    Not at all. Towels continue to perform at their optimum levels after customisation.

  • Q: I don’t have a designer, can you help?

    Yes, our in-house design team can help add a logo, or create a fully designed brand story on your towel*. Simply ask Simba Global to help.

    *Design fees may apply
  • Q: Can I customise all products?

    Yes, you can. Bags, Bathrobes, and Slippers can all be customised by adding your logo.

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